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Storybrand website example

Koha Pet

Koha Pet, StoryBrand website example

What They Do

Minimal ingredient cat and dog food.

StoryBrand Highlight

This site includes two layers of problems. First, the problems pet owners have experienced (digestive issues), followed by the cause: dry food! This is a great way to let people in on a problem they may not have known about. This site is featured in the Marketing Made Simple book and online course as a great example of a StoryBrand website. The CEO told us “money started raining in” after launching their new website. Check out the highlights below!


Praise from Happy Pets

Testimonials from real customers (furry ones in this case!) show social proof of the quality of this dog food. The placement of this testimonial grans the reader instantly.

Problem Section #1

This site has two Problem sections. This first one connects with what the website viewers are experiencing.

Problem Section #2

This second Problem section outlines the villain: dry food!

Solution Section

This Solution section shows how the pet food solves the problems that dry food causes and has a Call to Action to shop the food.

Lead Magnet

This is a great e-commerce lead magnet!

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