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Storybrand website example

Sharp House

Sharp House - StoryBrand website example

What They Do

Fort Worth home staging and styling.

StoryBrand Highlight

Wow. What a beautiful website! StoryBrand doesn’t talk about great design, but let us assure you: design matters! Marketing research shows that it builds trust (most people who leave a website leave because of bad design). Especially for a company that is essentially selling design, like this staging company, readers will use the design of the website to judge the skills of the company. Great work. Check out the highlights below!



This site is gorgeous! Which is absolutely necessary if you’re selling design like this company is.

Quickly Connect

With these two lines, they clearly describe what they do and how it makes your life better.

Navigate Easily to Services

These buttons allow the user to get off the homepage and go to the right page for the service they’re interested in.

Problem Section

This Problem statement gives words to the fear that many people have when they’re selling their home.

Benefit Section

These benefits are exactly what people want when they’re looking for a company to stage their home.

Successful Testimonials

This testimonial focuses on success: “She adds immediate value to the purchase price.” Great work!

Guide Section

The Guide section focuses on building Authority with trusted companies, where they got input, and local approval.

3 Steps To Success

A simple and beautiful 3 Step Plan makes it feel easy to work with them.

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ClearBrand Website Blueprint

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