The Best Website Design Templates For In 2024

When it comes to elegance in website design, only a few themes stand out for their ability to adapt to nearly any type of business website. But there are plenty of niche options made for different types of business.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorites to help you choose the perfect theme based on what you do.

Note: Keep in mind that usually, there’s a difference between “templates” and “themes.” Templates are typically design-based. Themes are typically code-based. calls their templates “themes,” but these are not the same as “themes” from

Best Website Templates. Period.

These sleek, modern themes offer extensive customization options to make tailoring your site to match your brand easy.

You can tweak these themes for use with any type of business. It doesn’t matter whether you run an online store or sell accounting services. The themes below were built to meet your needs.

STAX by Organic Themes

STAX by Organic Themes is a modern WordPress theme you can customize to your heart’s content. It’s one of the best website design templates for those who want full control over their site’s appearance and functionality.

This theme has an adaptive header that adjusts perfectly to images and videos. Plus, it’s responsive to mobile devices, so your site looks great on all screens.

With premium blocks for adding content sliders, testimonials, and WooCommerce compatibility, STAX is a dream for anyone looking to build a new e-commerce store.

SolarOne by ElmaStudio

SolarOne by ElmaStudio is a light, professional design that takes a minimalist approach to design.

It’s a strong choice for businesses that focus on providing clear content and easy navigation.

Its fully responsive design and drag-and-drop design patterns make tweaking your website easy. It also lets you use custom colors and quickly edit menus.

SolarOne stands out for anyone wanting to give their new site a modern touch while ensuring it performs well on all devices.

Twenty Twenty Four by The WordPress Team

Twenty Twenty Four by The WordPress Team offers a super clean and sleek design. It also includes full RTL language support, making it a prime candidate for anyone who wants to create a multilingual website accessible in many countries.

This theme comes with style variations, so you can easily adjust the look and feel of your site. It also supports additional fonts. And did we mention it uses an accessibility-ready design?

Twenty Twenty Four is a responsive WordPress theme perfect for keeping your site beautiful, accessible, and functional.

Treehouse by Thunderstores

Treehouse by Thunderstores is tailored for e-commerce stores but is flexible enough to use with other types of businesses.

The theme has a light and playful design, supports WooCommerce, and is optimized for visual storytelling. You’ll love how this theme keeps your key benefits front and center.

Treehouse loads super fast and works well with different plugins. It’s a solid choice for any business that intends to sell online.

Best Themes For Travel Agencies

If you run a travel agency, your site must capture attention without compromising user experience.

These recommendations include free and premium WordPress themes to keep visitors’ eyes on your travel packages. So you can showcase your most popular adventures in the most engaging way possible.

Hevor by Automattic

Opening a site that uses Hevor by Automattic feels like breathing fresh air.

Its fully responsive design makes your travel tales look great on all devices regardless of screen size.

Hevor uses simple, light images against a white background to speed up loading times and keep your site snappy.

With a section dedicated to glowing testimonials and easy-to-read text, you can keep your top reviews front and center without getting in anyone’s face or coming off as too pushy.

Hevor is free with an Explorer or Creator plan on WordPress.

Bricksy Pro by Anariel Design

Bricksy Pro by Anariel Design lets you customize almost every element on the site using compatible editors like Elementor page builder and WordPress website builder.

Bricksy Pro comes with over 110+ design patterns. You can adjust typography and color, too, so personalizing your site is straightforward.

It’s a premium WordPress theme (available with a Creator plan) for travel agencies wanting a site they can make their own.

Bricksy also has an intuitive setup wizard to help you get started quickly and easily.

Cerauno by Automattic

Cerauno brings the charm of old-fashioned travel magazines to the digital world.

Its magazine-style layout makes for a rich (yet classic) browsing experience. It also has various social icons to link to your social media pages.

You can also customize backgrounds, menus, and headers.

Karuna by Automattic

Karuna’s demo site may make it look like it’s best for businesses focusing on health and wellness, but don’t be fooled!

The main “featured image” section is right next to the customer testimonials. It’s a perfect, attractive layout for travel websites that want to highlight their high-quality service while giving users a sneak peek at their next adventure.

Karuna also supports a footer gallery option and special CSS styles for buttons. It also allows users to add a custom logo.

Natural Block by Organic Themes

Natural Block invites users into the world of travel with a nature-inspired design.

It’s compatible with the Organic Blocks plugin and offers customizable sliders and testimonial sliders to bring your travel experiences to life.

This WooCommerce-compatible theme does a great job of blending storytelling opportunities with the chance to sell travel-related products.

It has a responsive layout to keep your site looking great on all devices while capturing relaxed vacation vibes.

Arquio by SiloCreative

Arquio is all about showcasing breathtaking travel options with an image-centric layout.

It comes with easy-to-use customization tools, so setting up your site feels less like work and more like crafting your next adventure.

Detailed documentation makes the theme easy to use and a solid choice for travel agencies focused on creating attractive, easy-to-navigate starter sites.

Best Themes For Coaches & Consultants

Coaches and consultants need themes that make it easy to spotlight their services.

The best choices cut out distractions and let the copy do the talking. They don’t rely on flashy images or complex graphics to get people to buy. They’re clear, direct, and to the point.

These themes check all of the boxes.

Blockstar by Automattic

Blockstar is about as sleek as they come.

It’s perfect for small business sites and consultancies. This theme offers a distraction-free platform to showcase what you’re all about.

Blockstar’s one-page parallax design lets you tweak everything from fonts to colors to help your WordPress site stand out.

Plus, it’s designed to look great on mobile devices.

Lincoln by ThemeZee

Lincoln is a lightweight, modern theme that stands out for its ease of customization.

It comes with global style variants, which means you can change the entire look of your site with just a few clicks.

It’s a premium WordPress theme with predefined pattern blocks that simplify layout customization.

Text blocks are positioned to keep attention on your services, making Lincoln a powerful WordPress theme for consultants eager to impress at first glance.

Business by Automattic

The Business theme keeps things professional and to the point. This theme focuses on text, with just enough image support to add clarity without causing distractions.

You can customize navigation and menus with the WordPress customizer to simplify navigation for visitors.

Business is a perfect theme for creating a complete website that speaks directly to your client’s needs with zero frills or fluff.

Twenty Seventeen by The WordPress Team

Twenty Seventeen offers video header support to help you capture attention right away.

It’s one of the most popular WordPress themes for a reason: you can mold it to suit your style, whether you prefer one or two-column layouts.

This theme integrates seamlessly with widgets and the WordPress block editor. That means there’s a world of possibilities when it comes to post formats.

It’s a versatile choice for coaches looking to create a professional website but with the vibe of a personal blog.

Annalee by Automattic

Annalee is designed with personal coaches in mind.

It has a streamlined design with only one main image to keep the focus on your services.

The theme has different social media icons that make connecting your pages across social media platforms easy.

Best Themes For Bloggers

Bloggers focused on publishing engaging content love these themes for their straightforward designs and user-friendly features.

Masu by Automattic

Masu captures attention with a grid layout that showcases featured posts with striking images.

It takes design inspiration from the traditional Japanese tool used to measure rice. It’s elegant and efficient, like the tool it gets its name from.

Masu is perfect for bloggers who value simplicity and visual storytelling. It offers a layout that’s easy on the eyes and keeps readers focused on your featured content.

Olsen FSE by CSSIgniter

Olsen FSE offers insane flexibility. It comes with a drag-and-drop page builder to break away from the limitations of templated themes.

Olsen FSE lets you customize pages, blocks, headers, and footers without restriction.

This premium WordPress theme works with many plugins, making it a solid choice for writers who intend to offer services or sell products as they grow.

The theme comes with a fully responsive design to keep your site looking perfect on all devices.

Olsen FSE also stands out for its SEO-centric design. The theme is coded with bloggers in mind, making it a smart pick for writers who want to grow their online presence through organic search.

Carnation by Automattic

Carnation is a minimalist blog theme with a light and airy design. It’s arguably one of the most user-friendly free WordPress themes.

Its default layout prioritizes your latest post with a clean design that emphasizes headlines without distractions. It includes four styles you can experiment with until you find the right feel for your brand.

This elegant WordPress theme makes it almost effortless for readers to navigate your content while keeping them focused on your articles.

RAW by The WordPress Team

RAW makes a bold statement with a design focused on article presentation.

RAW’s design supports custom logos and site titles.

It’s a clean and simple theme ideal for bloggers who want a webpage with straightforward presentation.

Roam by Press75

Roam is tailored for travel bloggers or writers who use imagery to help tell a story.

It features a single-column layout with a featured image on the homepage that can link directly to posts.

This lightweight theme supports WooCommerce, so it’s easy to integrate e-commerce into your blog as you grow your following.

Roam is fully compatible with popular SEO plugins, so you can easily optimize your site for search engines.

Best Themes For Artists & Creatives

For artists and creatives, showcasing your work online requires themes that emphasize your art through modern design and high-quality imagery.

The options below are perfect for photographers, videographers, and other creatives who want to build an impressive online portfolio.

Archeo by Automattic

Archeo is the right theme for artists drawn to the mystique of ancient cultures.

With a design inspired by Mayan culture, Archeo uses muted color tones for a subdued yet bold aesthetic that makes your work look like it’s on the wall of an art gallery.

This theme is perfect for showcasing individual pieces without needing a full gallery. With Archeo, your artwork takes center stage with a layout that’s as thoughtful as your creations.

Folio by Press75

Folio offers photographers and artists a blend of portfolio and online store capabilities.

This premium WordPress theme comes with a built-in portfolio. It includes various gallery styles with a full-width template to highlight your work.

The entire theme is SEO-optimized and supports custom CSS for those who want to tweak every detail.

Folio is the best WordPress theme for creatives who need a multipurpose platform that’s as dynamic as their art.

Cubic by Automattic

Cubic’s grid-based, single-column layout is ideal for photographers who let their images do the talking.

This theme includes two menus you can customize with the live WordPress theme customizer.

Cubic is a free version that feels premium. It offers a clean, visual-first experience that’s mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a page built with Cubic is worth a million.

Rialto by Organic Themes

Rialto is for digital artists looking to showcase or sell their work in a vibrant, modern online store.

This theme supports Dokan for a multi-vendor marketplace and WooCommerce for e-commerce needs. It also has a searchable header and native product category navigation to make browsing your collection effortless.

It’s a premium WordPress theme with a colorful layout and pre-built patterns that give you control over your site’s look, perfect for creating an online presence that stands out.

Photos by Automattic

Like Cubic, Photos is an extremely image-centric theme that’s great for artists who prioritize visuals over text.

This free theme offers a three-column grid, custom header, and menu capabilities. Photos is also mobile-friendly and minimalistic, giving you a clean canvas for your art and making it easy for viewers to experience your portfolio without distractions.

Best Themes For E-Commerce

These themes make it easier than ever to showcase your product lineup while capturing the tone and style of your brand perfectly.

Macchiato by AgniHD

Macchiato, tailored for small businesses, elevates e-commerce with WooCommerce compatibility.

It focuses on mobile responsive design so your products can shine on all devices.

Setting up your online store is straightforward with Macchiato. It includes pre-built product pages, shop pages featuring dropdown filters, and customizable blocks for cart and checkout pages.

Macchiato’s theme builder flexibility and drag-and-drop capabilities make it a solid choice for any e-commerce site looking to boost sales and improve the user experience.

Amulet by Automattic

Amulet offers a clean design with easy-to-read fonts and clear pricing information to put your featured products front and center.

This theme comes with four styles. Each conveys a unique feel, so you can easily find one that’s on-brand for your business.

It also has full RTL language support and responsive design, so it’s ideal for reaching international markets.

Whether you’re launching a new product line or optimizing landing pages, Amulet provides a solid foundation to build out your e-commerce vision.

Highline by AgniHD

Designed for luxury goods sellers, Highline stands out with powerful filter options users can use to search your product catalog.

If you like their demo site, importing the demo blocks to your site is a breeze.

Highline is a premium WordPress theme with quick links to essential pages to simplify user navigation.

It works with WooCommerce and various page builders, so your e-commerce website can look luxurious without sacrificing an easy shopping experience.

Basti by Anariel Design

Basti is known for its easy setup and customization options. It’s also compatible with WooCommerce.

This theme offers four unique starter layouts. It also gets ongoing updates and support, so your site stays fresh and functional long-term.

Basti allows you to tailor your e-commerce site to meet your specific needs with its theme settings and custom pages.

Zaino by Automattic

Zaino delivers a clean, bold look ideal for modern retailers. Great for businesses of all sizes, it includes eleven default styles. You can customize it using WordPress blocks.

This theme offers flexibility in design and functionality.

Zaino’s emphasis on a professional impression makes it a standout choice for small e-commerce sites focused on making a big impression.

Find The Perfect Theme For Your Website

Whether this is your first site or you’ve built 100 of them this year, the themes on this list are perfect for most business’s needs. But finding the best theme depends on what your business does.

If you’ve never built a website, consider creating a free account on WordPress (or another website platform). You can use the free plan to play with the starter site and familiarize yourself with the WordPress website builder.

Start by choosing a user-friendly free WordPress theme to experiment with. If you like what you see, you can opt for a paid plan and upgrade to a premium theme.

To learn more about how you can create an awesome website (or get one built for you), schedule a call with a ClearBrand marketing specialist to discuss how you can build a site with a custom WordPress theme.

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