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ClearBrand Website Blueprint

Easily write your story-based website with this free ClearBrand Website Blueprint. It’s a template that shows you exactly how to write your brand story — what to write and where to write it — with confidence.

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Gain Confidence

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Build A Story Brand

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Grow Your Business

Tell A Story With Your Brand

Building a website is tough. Telling a story with your brand is tougher. Even when following instructions that are “made simple,” it’s still hard to figure out what goes where.

You may have found yourself asking:

“What’s supposed to go here?”  /  “Is this right?”  /  “What’s next?”

Here’s the good news: When you have the ClearBrand Website Blueprint to follow the process is much easier.

This Blueprint is a PDF you can download and use as a map for your website. It’s a template you can follow to write each section of your site with confidence.

Stop guessing. Stop stressing. Download the ClearBrand Website Blueprint so you can be confident you’re creating a BrandStory™ the right way.

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Will A BrandStory Work For Me?

We’ve used this blueprint to upgrade websites in all sorts of industries! In basically any company, this blueprint can give you the clarity to write powerful copy (and can even help with search engine optimization). Here are some examples of industries that have used it:

Transform Your Website With A Brand Story

Take advantage of Story-Based Marketing to build a website that clearly communicates:

The problem you solve for your customers
Exactly what you offer

How their life will be better after working with you

How easy it is to buy

This Website Blueprint will help you understand exactly where to include each part of your brand story on your website.

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No one wants to say it, but writing a story-based website is hard!

This brand story template can help you and your team:
  • Get on the same page
  • Reach your target audience
  • Rank higher on search engines
  • Complete your website redesign (for real, this time)

Stop guessing. Stop stressing. Download this Website Blueprint so you can leverage the power of a BrandStory to grow your business.

Download Your Free ClearBrand Website Blueprint