Business Made Simple University (BMSU) Review

DISCLAIMER: Ryan Toth is no longer a StoryBrand Certified Guide. After over 6 years, he decided it was time to part ways. We’re still big fans, though!


Business Made Simple University gives you the practical skills you need to build your confidence and grow your business. Communication Made Simple, Marketing Made Simple and Proposals Made Simple, are just a few of the topics covered that are essential knowledge for business owners. They’ve taught me a great deal and I want to share how I use their tools!

Its business school made by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Business Made Simple University. This is StoryrBand’s online course platform to teach you everything you need to start and run a business.

My name’s Ryan Toth, I’m the CEO of clear brand. I was a StoryBrand certified guide for more than 6 videos. And in this article, I’m going to tell you how StoryBrand wants you to use Business Made Simple University and how you should actually use it instead.

Business Made Simple University

School is not built for everybody, and it is especially not built for entrepreneurs. StoryBrand and Business Made Simple are marketing this as the business school for the rest of us.

When you sign up, you’ll notice they actually want you to get accounts for your team as well. This is where I think there’s a little bit of misalignment between Business Made Simple and typical businesses.

Let me tell you what I mean. Here are some of the courses they’ve got in the platform. 

  • StoryBrand Messaging Framework
  • Marketing Made Simple
  • Hero on a Mission
  • Proposals Made Simple
  • Negotiation Made Simple

These are all incredible courses containing vital knowledge for entrepreneurs. However, they are not necessary for most members of an entrepreneur’s team.

Think about Proposals Made Simple. This will help you to ramp up your proposals and become a sales machine. Does your assistant need to know that? Probably not.

But there are times where these courses will prove useful for your team. Let me tell you how I use them with mine.

How My Team Uses Business Made Simple University

Whenever I hire somebody and add them to our team, I give them a Business Made Simple University login, and I tell them specifically which courses I want them to go through.

For example, anybody on our team who does marketing watches the StoryBrand Messaging Framework and Marketing Made Simple courses. Depending on the type of marketing they’re doing, I might have them watch Communication Made Simple too. 

Every single person on my team goes through Hero on a Mission, which teaches them how to create a life plan. The idea is that this is going to give them a clear path for their life, which will motivate and inspire them, meaning they show up better in all areas of their life, including at my company.

Enneagram Made Simple is another one my team members watch. It teaches people how to engage with folks with different personalities, and could be incredibly valuable depending on the types of dynamics you’re seeing within your team.

Everyone needs to know this information, especially if you have helpers (people-pleasers) working with conflicting personality types like challengers (who don’t want anybody to engage with them in a people pleasing way). Some of these dynamics are helpful with a course like that. 

Business Made Simple University For Yourself


Now, let’s talk about how I use these courses for myself. It’s a little bit different.

My business coach just got certified through Business Made Simple University. She is now a BMSU certified coach. Here’s where I think entrepreneurs really have a chance to leverage Business Made Simple University to its fullest.

When I’m working with my business coach Miriam Gunn (check her out at She’s all about leaving you better so that you leave the world around you, your family, your business, and the environment, better than you found them), we talk about how we’ve all got something that we could leave better.

Here’s what she and I do. I go through a course, and because I’m working with her as my coach, I often end up identifying personal roadblocks – things that are getting in the way of me truly executing what I learn with excellence.

This is where Miriam comes in. She’s is certified with Business Made Simple and knows these courses like the back of her hand. She knows the information that I just covered in the course. Then we talk about my roadblocks and internal obstacles. And she works with me to help me reach the next level by dissecting these and turning them into non-obstacles.

That is truly where entrepreneurs have the opportunity to really take their role to the next level and really reach their potential to live the life that they’re after. 

Final Thoughts

Let’s recap. I think business made simple university is incredible, but I don’t want my entire team watching every single video. So I tell them which videos I will pay them to watch and which ones I won’t.

But for me personally, every course that has been released has been impactful and has helped me grow my business. And even more so with a certified Business Made Simple Coach. If you’re looking to join Business Made Simple University, click the link to join now. 


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