How To Create A Blog

Starting a blog means getting ready to establish yourself as an authority in your industry. There are a few things to know when you do. If you have ever been curious about how to write a blog, or what goes into blog writing here’s your chance to find out!

It’s 2021 and business has moved online with that, so has our marketing and one of the key pieces of any good marketing strategy, especially if you’re trying to grow, is blogging. My name’s Ryan Toth, I’m the CEO of ClearBrand, and in this video, I’m going to show you how to start a blog, how to pick a blog platform and a couple of best practices as you’re getting started. Let’s jump in.

A decade ago, all of us, were just barely getting used to our smartphones. Internet was fairly new, although it was picking up some, some traction and us business owners had a lot of options, not on the internet to grow our business. Things have changed. If you’re not optimizing and investing in your online presence, you are undoubtedly missing out on sales, on customers, on building relationships with people, building trust and establishing yourself as an authority in your industry. Now, one of the best ways to do all of the above is to have a blog. Blog articles do a number of things to help you grow your business. One, they establish you as an authority. Blog posts should not just be random information thrown together. It should be trustworthy information information that educates your customers, that teaches them something that helps them move forward on their journey, toward buying from you. 

They get to know you, your customers get to know you on your blog. Now, another benefit of creating blog posts and articles that build trust with your customers is it also builds trust with search engines like Google. What that means is Google will display your website higher in search rankings. Yes, it comes down to trust. Google just doesn’t say, Oh, we like this website. We don’t like that website. No, no, no. They want to see that people trust you. And if Google can tell that people trust you, that means Google will trust you more as well and increase your website higher on those search rankings, which think about what people do when they have a problem that you solve. They pull out their phone or they go to their computer, more often, they pull out their phone these days and they type in a question, or a search query that is going to hopefully lead them to your website. 

But if you haven’t been blogging, chances that they’ll go to your website are slim to none because blog articles are a great resource for people and so Google likes to show those things pretty high. So how do you start one? Well, first off, if you have a website that you like, see if your current website platform has the ability to add a blog, that’s going to be the easiest way to do it. From there, you’re going to research. What are people looking for? You can use a tool like Uber suggest, or you just go to Google and type in questions that you might ask. If you were looking for a product like yours, then you’re going to write incredible articles, helpful articles about those topics that show up. Now, if you don’t like your website or if your current website platform does not allow you to add a blog section, I’ve got two main recommendations for you. 

Now, one of them is a product that we created. I will get to that in a second. I’m a huge fan. I think it’s the best thing on the market, but I don’t want you to feel like you absolutely 100% have to buy a product that ClearBrand created. So I’m going to talk about my other favorite option first Squarespace. They have incredible templates that are absolutely beautiful and you can easily and simply add a blog section to your site. And my one complaint about Squarespace is this while their templates are gorgeous and design builds trust, it is words that sell and Squarespace’s templates are not built for incredible copywriting. They are not built for selling your product. They are built to look absolutely gorgeous on the internet, but if you’re interested in selling your product, I would highly consider this prebuilt StoryBrand website that my team and I created to save you tons of time, because listen, if you’re on Squarespace and you’ve used the StoryBrand framework, a another copywriting framework, maybe you’re a big fan of Click Funnels or Jeff Walker or something else. 

You’re going to have to wrestle with that template from Squarespace. And by the end of it, it’s probably not going to look as gorgeous as it did at the beginning, because in all of the changes you had to make to, to make it fit, the framework that you’re using, you lost a lot of that design. I get it. That’s tough, but it’s worth it because words sell design builds trust. Now, I don’t think this isn’t either or okay, you go Squarespace isn’t either, or you’re going to get design. But with this prebuilt StoryBrand website that my team and I created, you’re going to both check this out. You get this gorgeous design and we’ve constructed the entire thing to follow the StoryBrand framework. Now the StoryBrand framework is the easiest way to communicate clearly on your website, but it’s also similar to other frameworks out there like Jeff Walker’s, like Ray Edward, you can use any of those in this prebuilt website. 

This has every section that you’re going to need to sell your services online. And we also have a prebuilt blog page so that when you go in and you start adding blog articles that are absolutely incredible and helpful, and they build trust with your audience. And so they’re bringing people in from Google, from your emails, from they’re bringing people to your website, and now you have landing pages. Look at this there’s three landing pages, a homepage, a services page, and about page that are built to sell your services. If you’re looking to build your website yourself, I have never come across a better solution. That’s why we created this is because there wasn’t anything else out there that allowed you to create a beautiful website that was also built to sell. So if you’re starting a blog, or if you’re building a new website, go to and then click on the DIY StoryBrand website up in the header, and you will be taken to this pre built StoryBrand website page. 

You can see for yourself, you can view the full demo and see the entire thing is already built. It’s already mobile optimized. It’s already super fast. And we have a full online course to teach you how to edit every single page and make changes to any section you want, change the font, change the colors, change the images, make it yours. So there you have it. Two incredible options to create a blog and a new website, if you need it. Squarespace absolutely gorgeous templates. If you’re looking for beauty, they’re the way to go. Plus the prebuilt StoryBrand website that my team and I created so that you don’t have to have just beauty. You can also have a website that sells you literally just fill in your content in the sections that already exist. And wallah, you have a website that is built to sell. If you liked this video, click subscribe, turn on notifications so you find out next time I release a video like this to help you grow your business. I’ll see you soon.

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