The Ultimate Guide to Money-Making Websites

Discover six powerful changes that will boost your website conversions and increase your revenue.


Discover the 6 things every money-making website needs

Find out why customers aren't buying

Increase traffic and conversions

Boost your revenue

When your website doesn’t work, people don’t buy.

When your website isn’t getting the conversions you want, it can feel like a waste of space. And all that money you’re spending on ads to get people there? That’s money you’re flushing down the drain.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you  make these 6 simple changes, your website will make you money.

“Money started raining in”

Lonnie Schwimmer

CEO, Koha Pet Foods

6 Steps to a Website that Makes You Money


1. Clarify your message so your customers listen


2. Discover the 3 questions you need to answer in under 3 seconds

3. Use your images to draw customers in

4. Discover where to put your "Buy Now" button

5. Learn how to capture leads before they leave your website


6. Master the secrets to get noticed on Google

“Our website was in rough shape! It was very confusing and few people got past the landing page. ClearBrand’s overhaul of our website was substantial. They helped us talk about Perfect Venue in a powerful way while keeping it easy to understand. Plus, the design is beautiful!”

— Luke Hutchison, Founder,

We’ve helped dozens of businesses upgrade their websites and increase their revenue.

The principles we used with them will help you, too.

How many sales have you missed out on because your website doesn’t work?

Download this ebook and upgrade your website.

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The Ultimate Guide to Money-Making Websites

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