Boosting Productivity With Chat GPT And AI – With David Forman

ClearBrand Marketing Podcast

The marketing landscape is changing as easy-to-use AI tools like ChatGPT come into play.

Creating a single piece of great content once took hours, but now takes just minutes.

It has lots of marketers wondering: Are these tools going to replace us? What’s going to happen to our industry?

But AI isn’t a threat to the marketing industry. It’s a massive advantage.

Learn how AI software lets you do more while getting better results for clients in this interview with David Forman. You’ll discover…

  • How you can use AI chat software to quickly create rich, engaging content from scratch to generate more leads online
  • How to work with AI to improve and optimize your existing marketing content
  • Tips for generating effective code, copy, and imagery with AI software (that you can actually publish)

Companies that embrace AI today prepare themselves for success tomorrow.

Learn how to integrate the power of new AI programs into your current workflow and see a difference in your results right away.

Learn more about David and his team are doing at ClarityCreative here:


0:00 – Intro
4:34 – What Is Chat GPT?
9:10 – AI & Marketing
17:20 – Ethics Of AI Marketing
24:35 – Tips For Using AI
30:08 – Improving Content With AI
33:55 – Future Of AI Tools
37:15 – Does Google Have AI?
42:10 – Final Thoughts

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