How to Create a Lead Magnet (Generate Leads)

ClearBrand Marketing Podcast

In this ClearBrand Academy Podcast episode:

Do you have visitors on your website who aren’t converting to leads?

When you don’t get leads, your business suffers. You miss out on sales and leave money on the table.

So, what can you do?

Create a lead magnet! Your website viewers will often download a free PDF or other valuable assets in exchange for their email address. Which means you have their email and can follow up.

In this video, Alexander Toth shares how to create a lead magnet that your website viewers want to engage with. Here’s what you’ll learn:

– The steps we follow to create lead magnets that get results
– The biggest mistake most people make when creating a lead magnet
– Why so many lead magnets don’t work and what you can do to make sure yours does
– Why you can’t just ask for the sale from the beginning
– How lead magnets build trust
– What your lead magnet should include to bring in sales

When you follow the three steps outlined in this video, you can create a lead magnet that turns your website browsers into leads (and sales!).

Generating leads with a lead magnet is necessary to get more sales. Watch the video to learn how to create one your customers want.

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