Using Incentives To Boost Value (And Sales) – With Marco Torres

ClearBrand Marketing Podcast

You know your offer is packed with value. But how can you leverage that value to win over new customers?

It’s simple. You need to give customers incentives to buy your product that they can’t refuse.

Learn to choose and use incentives that attract new customers and get you sales in this week’s podcast with Marco Torres. You’ll discover:

  • Different incentives you can use to instantly boost the value of your offer
  • How to leverage incentives to get more positive reviews on social media
  • How to choose specific incentives based on industry and audience

When customers decide to purchase, value is the name of the game. Here’s how to boost value and make more money using clever incentives.

Check out Marco’s podcast here:


0:00 – Intro
6:25 – What Is Incentive-Based Marketing?
19:07 – Choosing An Incentive For Your Business
25:10 – Incentivizing Through Social Media
36:30 – Final Thoughts


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