Using Data To Boost Efficiency (And Client Satisfaction) – With Anthony Coppedge

ClearBrand Marketing Podcast

If you’re making choices without hard facts to back them up, you’re not seeing the whole picture.

That’s why every successful company makes data-driven decisions to improve performance.

Learn how collecting the right data helps boosts efficiency and maximize value for clients in this interview with Anthony Coppedge. You’ll understand…

  • Which data points to collect and how to use them to adapt to changes in your industry
  • How to use information to make decisions that improve internal efficiency
  • How to use data to track improvement in different areas over time

Smart business owners know there’s always room for improvement.

Discover how collecting data can help your company maximize internal efficiency and results in this week’s podcast episode.

Connect with Anthony Coppedge on LinkedIn here.


0:00 – Intro
11:22 – The Value Of Good Data 
13:30 – An Example
20:27 – Two Reasons People Want Your Product
22:50 – Using Data To Adapt To Change
30:20 – How To Implement
35:05 – How To Track Improvement
38:25 – The Importance Of Gathering Internal Feedback
40:30 – The Changing Landscape Of Data Usage
50:55 – Final Thoughts

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