The Mindset Of High-Achievers With The Unshakable Coach

ClearBrand Marketing Podcast

In this ClearBrand Academy Podcast episode:

High-achievers have a mindset that redefines how they approach their passions. The root of the word “passion” is being willing to endure or to suffer for something.

If we define “passion” around being happy, we’ll trade long-term satisfaction for short-term gratification.

In this podcast episode, Peter Lynch, The Unshakable Coach, helps us redefine how we approach our passion.

The origin of the word “passion” is not about happiness, he says, but suffering. Our passion is what we are willing to suffer for.

Suffering is something every entrepreneur understands. We’ve all suffered for our dream. 

And that is passion.

He encourages entrepreneurs to ask: “What are you suffering for? What are you suffering to bring into existence?”

If we instead approach our passion as that which we are willing to suffer for, we are much more likely to achieve our goals. And reach true satisfaction while we’re at it.

This is the mindset that sets high-achievers apart. Listen to the full conversation to hear what Olympians and entrepreneurs know that helps them reach their goals.

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