7 Ways to Prepare Your Business for a Recession (2022)

ClearBrand Marketing Podcast

In this ClearBrand Academy Podcast episode:

There’s a lot of talk about a recession coming along. As a business owner, there is more at stake by not knowing what decisions are best to make. 

How do you prepare your business for the upcoming recession?

In this episode, StoryBrand Guide, Alexander Toth talks about the best ways to prepare your business in advance, plus 4 things to do once the recession hits. 

He lists the 7 best ways to prepare your business for a recession based on data. Plus, he busts some myths you might find on Google. 

Here’s what’s in the episode:

– Learn the most important thing to understand about your business
– Find out how much you should (or should not) be innovating
– Should you have cash or credit available?
– What kind of marketing budget you should have
– And more!

Join us in this great conversation while we go through how you can prepare your busines for a recession.

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