How to Get Results Cheap & Fast (Marketing Myths)

Most of us wouldn’t say it aloud. But if we’re being honest with ourselves about paying for marketing, many of us want results cheap and fast. “Marketing Gurus” will tell you that it’s easy, that you can achieve viral marketing success today. But is it true?

In this podcast episode, Alexander Toth dives into the data around marketing techniques that drive growth – both long term and short term. You’ll learn…

  • What realistic results can you expect to see from your marketing techniques?
  • How fast can you see results from SEO?
  • Why do marketing gurus push so many companies to try viral marketing?
  • Can you really go viral on social media?

Spending money on marketing and not seeing results is infuriating. But bigger investments net bigger returns. No matter the size of your company’s resources, here’s how to make the most of both your time and your marketing budget to get the results you desire at the pace you choose.

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