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Storybrand website example

Dana Rayburn

Dana Rayburn StoryBrand example

What They Do

Online ADHD Course and training.

StoryBrand Highlight

In the Hero section, they visually emphasize “Even with ADHD” to help their target audience feel welcomed. This primes their results bar for the ultimate spotlight, promising that (even with ADHD) you will get stuff done, be more organized, have a system to succeed, and be more reliable. Check out the highlights below!


Clear and to the Point Title

Very clearly describes what you get and how it makes your life better.

Call to Action Button

Call to Action button tells the user exactly what will happen when they click it.

Problem Section

Problem section outlines things potential customers have experienced themselves

3 Steps to Success

3 Step Plan describes the three things you’ll learn and has a clear call to action button on each step.

Empathize to Connect

Guide section empathizes with what potential customers are going through.

Show Authority in this Guide Section

Guide section demonstrates authority with text and logos so you know you can trust her.

An Offer They Can't Refuse

Offer section displays the price and what you get with a clear call to action,

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