StoryBrand Basics: Write a Killer 3-Step Plan to Get More Customers

If you confuse, you lose. That’s StoryBrand’s mantra.

People won’t do business with you if your marketing is confusing.

One of the top ways companies confuse their customers is with their plan. You know there’s tons of steps to get your client from point A to point B. But they don’t need to know that. If you share every single step with them, it’ll scare them off!

Your customers have a thousand things pulling at them every moment. Instead of adding to the distractions and noise, your goal is to make your customer see how easy you make their life.

This is where a simple 3-Step Plan comes in.

Here’s how we do it at ClearBrand:
1 – Call them to action
2 – Summarize your process
3 – Show the success

When you simplify the process, your customers feel like doing business with you is easy. Which means they buy more from you.

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