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April 20, 2021
Alexander Toth

Creating privacy policies for websites have always been generally easy if you just copy and paste a free template suggested by your site or on Google. This isn’t the best way to create a Privacy Policy.

There are legal considerations you should bare in mind when making your website terms and conditions. You do not want to end up being sued not having the correct legalese on your website, and you don’t have to be.

Website policies are extremely important and vary based on the market, country or products/services you might be selling, but they are also:

  • tedious
  • filled with legal jargon
  • need frequent updating

How do you ensure that you are not on the wrong side of the law with your website terms and conditions?

I’ve found a super easy way to handle website policies once and for all. If you want to know more about how to create Privacy Policies for websites and keep them updated, while keeping yourself from being sued, you came to the right place!

If you own a business, you need a privacy policy on your website and chances are the one you’ve got likely is going to get you sued.

Right now, each state and country has different rules on what needs to be in your privacy policy that you’re communicating with your customers on your website. Part of the problem with this is that they’re changing their rules at different rates in different countries, and in different states.

And how are you as the business owner supposed to keep up? You’ve already got so many things on your mind. You’re doing the marketing, you’re doing the finances, you’re doing the hiring, you’re doing the training. How are you supposed to keep up with the newest privacy policy rule in Nevada or in the European union?

If your website is showing up in the European union, you’ve got to have that privacy policy on there. Now, most folks who we’ve worked with at ClearBrand, they come up with static privacy policies. What that means is they work with a lawyer.

Sometimes they even just Google it and find a privacy policy. They like, and then they copy and paste. They put it into a document that doesn’t change and they throw it onto their website. The problem with this is when the states or countries rules or laws change, you don’t know about it. And so you don’t update the privacy policy that’s on your website.

There’s a simple solution to this, a company called Termaggedon. They use real lawyers to create privacy policies that are active, that obey the laws of whichever areas you’re in. And they update them. Whenever the laws change, these lawyers, this company, they make it their job to keep your privacy policy updated all the time.

Now you’re wondering, oh, am I gonna have to update my website all the time? No, because what happens is, you fill out a little form and answer some questions about your business.

They generate a privacy policy for you based on your business and your location. And then they give you code to put onto your website. And then you just paste in that code that you copied from Termaggedon. Super easy.

Now, once you have that code in your website, it automatically throws your personalized, customized privacy policy into your website. In fact, here it is on our website, You can see it doesn’t look like code. It looks like a full blown privacy policy, but I know, and now you know, that behind the scenes, this is just code.

So if the Termageddon lawyers determined that the laws are changing in one of the locations that we do business, they will go in and update our privacy policy for us. I don’t have to think about it at all. I know that as long as I don’t move my business to another location, my privacy policy is fully updated, fully legal all the time.

Now, even better. They don’t only do privacy policies. They also do disclaimers. They do a number of other policies. You can see them right here in their pricing section on their website. They list off some of the policies that they will create. They will generate each of these for you all for a simple monthly payment of $10 a month.

Now to make this super easy for you to sign up and to get your own privacy policy or one of those other three on your site, I’ve put a link in the description below. Now, full disclosure that is an affiliate link. So we will get a little bit of what you pay to Termageddon for that. But you also get a discount on your first month. So don’t make the mistake of having an outdated privacy policy or worse, no privacy policy on your website.

Click this link to use Termageddon to create your own customized privacy policy along with three other policies to keep you and your business safe. If you liked this video, click the link below to subscribe, turn on notifications. So you find out the next time I release a video like this one to help you grow your business, or in this case, keep it safe from being sued.

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