Charge What You’re Worth & Get Bigger Clients – With Ann Carden

ClearBrand Academy Podcast

You set your prices based on what you think is fair. But do they really reflect all of the experience you bring to the table?

Most business owners offer much more value than they realize, while charging less money than they should.

Join Josh Ramsey and Ann Carden in this podcast episode to learn how to use your existing skills and strengths to charge higher prices and attract bigger clients.

You’ll discover:

  • Why many entrepreneurs don’t realize they should be setting higher prices
  • How to identify your business strengths (and leverage them for more money)
  • Where to find bigger clients (and how to actually connect with them)

This week, learn to set objective prices that earn the money you really deserve.

1. Intro – 0:39
2. The Revenue Model – 3:30
3. Pricing Structure – 4:27
4. Identifying Your Potential For Success – 7:05
5. The Importance of The Audience – 8:55
6. Assessing Your Market Value – 10:53
7. Transforming Your Business – 17:52
8. Payment Systems – 24:00
9. Being Resilient – 27:27
10. Setting Prices – 35:37
11. Does Value Have A Ceiling? – 39:27
12. Leveraging LinkedIn – 42:34
13. Final Thoughts – 55:13

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