How To Increase Revenue With YouTube & Social – With Brenden Kumarasamy

ClearBrand Marketing Podcast

You can’t grow your business if people don’t know who you are. Using social media the right way boosts your credibility, increases exposure, and creates confidence in your business.

But how can you grow your following on YouTube and LinkedIn if you’re showing up late to the game?

Join Josh Ramsey and Brenden Kumarasamy, founder of MasterTalk, to learn how to turn your LinkedIn profile or YouTube channel into a lead-generating machine.

In this episode of the podcast you’ll discover:

  • How often you should post so that you aren’t annoying (and losing) followers
  • How to choose which content to post, so that you make the best first impressions and a positive social impact
  • How to reward engagement and stay top-of-mind with followers (even the most casual ones)
This week, learn how to post on LinkedIn and YouTube like a pro to increase your credibility, and get more leads.

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