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Get More Qualified Leads & Sales With Targeted Digital Advertising Solutions

Grow your business with a marketing agency that provides digital ad campaigns that get results.
Digital Advertising

Improve ad engagement

Expand customer reach

Generate better leads

More Traffic Doesn’t Always Equal More Sales

There’s just no easy way to say it. A lot of money spent on advertising is wasted on campaigns that just don’t work. Growing companies need more than eyes on their websites. They need high-quality leads that convert to sales.

Do you:

  • Have spikes in traffic but low website interaction?
  • Mostly have low-quality leads that don’t result in a sale?
  • Spend more on ads than they gain you in revenue?
  • Don’t know when or how to optimize your ad campaign?

You deserve digital advertising that gets you the results you’re after.

Get A Team Dedicated To Your Success

Want to multiply your resources and increase revenue? Hiring a complete team of experts for the cost of one employee does exactly that.

Your ClearBrand team includes:

Account Manager

A dedicated point of contact at the beginning of your project guides you through the Marketing Flywheel process, meets with you on a regular basis, and sends you weekly updates

Marketing & advertising experts

Your campaigns are created, maintained, and optimized by experts in their field.

Expert designers

Our designers ensure brand consistency across platforms

Story-focused copywriters

Don’t sell to customers. Instead, hook their interest by connecting with them through the power of engagement.

Monthly reporting

We send you metrics on your KPIs, and how we work to optimize ad campaigns.

Quarterly evaluation

Get a detailed analysis of campaign performance, business impact, and strategies for future success.

Digital Advertising Can Be A High ROI Tool

In the right hands, digital ad campaigns are your best chance at generating the revenue you’ve been after. You just need the proper channels and specialists that can create, maintain, and optimize a winning strategy for your business.

Don’t just capture a broad audience, capture the right audience with targeted advertising that speaks to your ideal clientele. 

Keyword and competitor research

Google ads, analytics, and auditing

Targeted social media advertising

A/B testing with design and content

Detailed customer journey tracking

Constant improvement and optimization

The Marketing Flywheel: Campaigns That Grow Your Business

While others are copying playbooks, we’re creating them. Our Marketing Flywheel provides a proven path to more leads and sales.

HubSpot: The Power Tool Of Digital Advertising

Companies that are ready to scale use the most powerful platforms to inform their decisions. With digital advertising, HubSpot is that solution.

HubSpot tracks your customer’s journey better than any other platform. This, in turn, helps create the most effective ad campaigns possible.

With HubSpot
you get:

More reliable and in-depth data tracking

SEO optimized content marketing

Inbound marketing for high-quality conversions

Better tracking and analytics

Tailored growth marketing strategy

Digital Advertising

Get The Digital Advertising Solutions You’ve Been After

Don’t let ad spending keep you awake at night. Instead, make your ads work for you while you sleep. Schedule your free Strategy Call with one of our Marketing Consultants to learn more about how we can help.

In this call we will:

Talk about the problems you’re experiencing.

Strategize how to overcome them.

Show you more examples of our work.

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