Boost Sales & Close Rates – With Jack Christensen

ClearBrand Marketing Podcast

Nobody likes paying a bunch for traffic if it doesn’t lead to sales.

It’s great that your website gets clicks, but not if those clicks don’t provide a high ROI.

What you need is to close more deals.

Join Josh Ramsey and Jack Christensen in this podcast episode and discover how to set your sales team up for success.

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of starting with a great sales team when you have a low marketing budget
  • How to encourage competition AND cooperation between sales reps (so your team gets even better with time)
  • How you and your sales team can leverage your offer as a sales-boosting tool

This week, learn the techniques you need to get more sales without increasing your ad budget.


  1. Intro – 0:00
  2. 3 Key Factors To Success – 6:07
  3. What’s Your Biggest Client Magnet? – 6:50
  4. Approaching Sales – 9:20
  5. Importance Of The Offer – 12:55
  6. Organizing Your Sales Team – 15:41
  7. Encouraging Competition And Cooperation – 21:06
  8. Lead Generation – 22:17
  9. Preferred CRMs – 22:41
  10. Final Thoughts – 24:07

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