Using Story To Drive Engagement & Capture Attention Without Sounding Salesy (With Danny Brassell)

ClearBrand Marketing Podcast

Isn’t it frustrating when you know you have a great idea, but no matter how hard you try to share it, nobody will hear you out? And in the business world, when people don’t listen, they don’t buy.

It doesn’t mean your idea needs to change, but it does mean the conversation needs to be approached from a different angle.

Learn how to capture your listener’s attention and create a positive impression they’ll never forget with Josh Ramsey and Dr. Danny Brassell. In this in-depth conversation, they discuss how to use written and spoken story to captivate the mind.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  •  How to use story in public speaking to create a real emotional connection so prospects trust you instantly and buy more
  • Persuasive strategies you can use to attract support from others (without coming off like a used car salesman)
  •  A 3-part formula to reliably hook your listeners in 5 minutes or less (and keep them listening until you’re finished)

In this week’s episode, learn to use story in a way that makes people listen and take action so you get better marketing results, and click here for a free gift from Danny Brassell!

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