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Overview - How Story Works

Story is the single most powerful tool in communication. Here’s why.

Act 1 - Customer

Your customer is the hero of the story. There are two key elements in their journey we must identify in Act 1 to connect with them well.

Act 2 - Company

Act 2 is about your company. Specifically, your products or services, and trust.

Act 3 - Call to Action

In Act 3, it’s time for the hero to take action. That means buy your product! Here’s how to call your customers to action on your website.

How to Build Your Website

Now that you have your StoryBrand Website Blueprint filled out, it’s time to build your site. 

Our top two recommendations to get a website you love:

1. ClearBrand Academy – our suite of online courses, plus a pre-built website template.

2. Hire our team to design and build your website for you. We offer services for:
Web Design
Inbound Marketing