Buckman Brines

What They Do

E-commerce store for live-fermented foods.

StoryBrand Highlight

 In the Guide section, they talk about the founder, his 15 year journey into health awareness, and becoming a professional chef. His journey builds empathy with the reader. The number of years gives authority to the brand, as well as the professional certification of the founder. Check out the highlights below!


Your First Photo Should Say It All

There shouldn’t be guesswork when a reader first lands on your home page. The image and text show the reader exactly what they can buy on this website.

Stand Out From the Rest

This section reveals what makes Buckman Brines different. And better than the rest!

Show Empathy

This Guide section demonstrates empathy with the reader. They know what you’re experiencing.

Featured Products to Purchase

Featured products are listed on the homepage so it’s easy for the reader to purchase.

Clever and Clear Titles

Yes, you can be cute… as long as you’re also clear! This site uses a lot of cute+clear language.

Show Social Proof

Testimonials build trust and show the reader that they won’t regret their purchase from the company. Social proof goes a long way!

Free Template PDF

StoryBrand Website Blueprint

Easily write your StoryBrand website with this free StoryBrand Website Blueprint. It’s a template that shows you exactly what to write and where to write it with confidence.


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