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WordPress Website Example


Bulletproof StoryBrand website example

What They Do

Products with the right nutrients to release your potential.


This product page is a great example of e-commerce. Check out the highlights below to see how!


Description That Connects

The description connects the product with the story the customer is living. They’re the hero in their life and the want to perform well — and this protein will help them do that.

Call To Action Button

Clear call to action button. Plus, the option to subscribe which serves both the customer and the company. The customer doesn’t have to remember to re-order and the company gets repeat sales.

Results Bar

Results Bar shows the results and benefits of using this product.

Convenience Can Increase Sales

Easily add related items to your cart. Convenient for the customer and increases the sale for the company.

Inform Your Readers

For those who aren’t sure what collagen is, this section clarifies in a way that’s easy to understand.

Benefits Section

Benefits are outlined so the customer can see how their life is better with this product.

Promise Section

This is essentially the Promise Section (aka Agreement Plan). It shows differentiators and benefits of the product.

Trust Build With Information

The title adds trust: these ingredients are intentional. The description below not only includes the ingredients but how they’re better than the competition.

Related Section To Help Readers

Not sure how you’ll use this product? No problem! Here are some recipes! A section like this will help readers to make the purchase by giving them ways to use the product.


Trusty Testimonials!

Testimonials build trust and help the buyer feel good about purchasing

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