Colorado Mobile Drug Testing

What They Do

Mobile, in-office, and after-hours drug testing.

StoryBrand Highlight

In the 3 Step Plan they prompt people to take action and provide short tips about their services in the headline descriptions. “Call Us,” “Get Your Team Tested,” “Be Drug-Free.” They saw a 10X return on their investment within a year after launching this site!


Revenue Generating Navigation

A key element of ClearBrand websites is only including revenue-generating links in the main navigation bar. Never without a clear call to action button signaling the viewer to take action.


Client Problem Section

This section instantly connects with potential clients, sympathizing with problems they may be having within their own business. By doing so, trust is quickly being built.


Trust Building About Section

This section clearly shows the main reasons prospective clients can trust the company. Easy to read, informative bullet points allow for trust to build quickly.


Highlight Key Points

By dedicating a section to highlighting key reasons to work with the company, a prospective client can quickly see the value in using the company’s services.


Praise From Past Clients

The quickest way to gain the trust of prospective clients is to show testimonials from previous ones. It is important to have short and sweet testimonials for quick easy reading. Including a photo and description of the person giving the praise, will be a bonus in showing social proof of your valuable services.


3 Steps to Success

Another key ClearBrand section for our sites is the 3 step process. This section uses a clear step-by-step process to show the prospective client how to take action and get the results they need.


Call to Action Form

An effective way to get your prospective clients to take the next step in contact you, is to have an accessible form at the bottom of the page. Whether they are scheduling the call or have questions, this is the last thing they can easily do so here.

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