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Colorado Youth Sports Foundation

Colorado Youth Sports Foundation - StoryBrand website example

What They Do

Donate to make youth sports more affordable and accessible.


We love the Success section in this site. They highlighted each success with its own section. This makes it easy to read and engage with. Check out the highlights below!


Clear Communication

A clear header with the donation form right at the top means website viewers are able to donate easily.

Story Telling

One of our favorite things about this site is that the headers all tell a story. See for yourself: just read the headers, not the smaller text. You still get the whole story. That means this site is built for all the skimmers and scanners out there. Good work!

Problem Section

These problems are easy to visualize and show the reader why kids need their help.

We Believe Section

This “We Believe” section is a great example of how a company can declare their “Why” in a way that inspires the reader to join them on their mission.

Easy as 1,2,3

This 3 Step Plan has numbers and clear steps. Step 1 is the action they want readers to take, Step 2 is a simplified next step, and Step 3 is results.

Informative Visuals

The graphic here makes the process easy to understand, even if you’re not reading all the text.

Donor Success

This is the Success for the donor. They get to make a difference in people’s lives!

Success Section

This is one of our favorite examples of a Success section. They broke down each success into its own section to make it easier to engage with and highlight each one separately.

Heartfelt Testimonials

These testimonials are from kids impacted by this nonprofit, making it even easier for a potential donor to see that their donations will make an impact and change kids’ lives.

Carefully Crafted Title

Instead of just saying, “Donate Now,” we decided to employ the power of community. You’re not a solo donor when you donate to CYSF, you’re part of a community of people making a difference.

Complete Action on the Same Page

We love it when the action you’re asking someone to take is on the page itself, rather than sending them to another page to complete that action.

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