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Storybrand website example

Devries Design and Landscape

Devries design StoryBrand example

What They Do

Design & build beautiful backyards customers will love.

StoryBrand Highlight

In the Hero section, the headline “Bring your backyard back to life” is itself brought to life with the background image of a happy family and children jumping into a pool. For someone seeking to improve their backyard, this website is displaying just what they need. Check out the highlights below!


Your First Photo Should Say It All

The image displays the success potential buyers want to see in their own lives. 

Outline The Process

A clear plan outlines the steps needed and makes it seem super easy to work with them.

The Right Images Make An Impact

Image displays what your life could look like if you work with the company. The right images make a huge impact on connecting with potential clients.

A Title That Connects With All

This section shows that they can help pretty much anyone, with any vision in mind.

Powerful We Believe Section

This is a powerful “We Believe” section that shows the potential customer that the company has their desires in mind.

Emotional Connection Section

This list of successes helps the reader envision their life, but better.

Lead Magnet Section

This lead magnet helps gather leads and qualify them. Anyone who wants this guide might want a new backyard, too!

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