What They Do

Premium organic CBD.

StoryBrand Highlight

The Call to Action for this site is a creative way of helping a person find the right product for them. Instead of simply saying something like, “Shop Now,” they say, “Shop Your Routine.” This reduces the number of options for the reader and makes it easier for them to take action. Check out the highlights below!


Header Sets The Tone

Images and colors make it immediately evident that this is a luxury brand.

Clearly State The Offerings

This section clearly describes what you can buy and how it makes your life better.

Product Feature Section

Putting bundles, categories, or featured products towards the top is a great way to go for StoryBrand e-commerce websites.

Step By Step

This plan is gorgeous and clear! The images are compelling, it includes numbers for each step (yes, this is important), and the description of each step makes it seem easy to take action.

Guide Section: Empathy

This is the Guide section and it focuses on empathy to connect with the reader.

Guide Section: Authority and Trust

This part of the Guide section demonstrates authority and builds trust in the brand.

Testimonials That Take Action

The testimonials are powerful and have wonderful images. And we love that they have buttons to “Shop Her Routine.”

Trust Building with Logos

Logos of big companies build trust.

Free Template PDF

StoryBrand Website Blueprint

Easily write your StoryBrand website with this free StoryBrand Website Blueprint. It’s a template that shows you exactly what to write and where to write it with confidence.


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