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Storybrand website example

Integrity Medicine

Integrity medicine StoryBrand example

What They Do

Direct primary care in Newton, Kansas.

StoryBrand Highlight

The Problem section shows an image of a defeated woman and the headline “Healthcare is too complicated”. This, along with a list of negatives experienced with health services show that they understand the problem you face. This website was featured in the StoryBrand Marketing Workshop as a great example of a StoryBrand website. Check out the highlights below!


Description That Connects

This section includes what the Character wants (Simple health care you can afford) with a clear description of what they do: direct primary care. Plus, it has three Success Points and a clear call to action button.

Problem Section

This section has a clear Problem statement, followed by examples of what that looks like in people’s lives. This gives the reader an opportunity to say, “Yes! I’ve experienced that!”

3 Steps To Success

These three steps are super simple and make working with this company seem easy.

Offer Section

This is a beautiful example of an Offer section. It’s essentially, “What you get.” It lists out what’s included in your monthly membership. And the background image helps communicate that your life will be better.

Connect and Inform

This section reiterates key information and connects with the reader. “It’s just wrong that there are so many people standing between you and your doctor!”

Trust Build With Information

These testimonials focus on Success and build trust.

Call to Action Section

This Call to Action section displays the different prices in an easy-to-understand way.

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