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Stark Smiles

Stark Smiles - StoryBrand website example

What They Do

Patient-centric research for pharma.


Semalytix uses the “We believe you deserve…” section to talk about the “patient trajectories and experiences” their customers need to help make other’s lives better, positioning themselves as the help their customers need to make their life-changing therapies a reality. Check out the highlights below!


Character Driven Heading

Yes! This sentence is exactly what the Character wants. And it shows the reader how their life will be better if they work with Stark Smiles.

Great Photography Is Key

This image is a great blend of both displaying success (a smiling child) and showing the reader what it looks like to work with the doctor. It also makes a dentist’s office seem friendly, which is not easy to do!

Success Value Stack

This Value Stack displays Success. It goes beyond the benefit of the smile itself and shares how a person’s life will be better in many ways.

Guide Section

This Guide section does a great job demonstrating Empathy. Empathy is basically, “I understand what you’re going through,” and this section does that well.

3 Steps To Success

This 3 Step Plan follows our favorite framework: Step 1 is the call to action, Step 2 is a summary, Step 3 is results. And they included numbers for each step, which is vital.

Promote The Praise

We love that they titled their testimonials section “Happy Clients” and focus on the success each client experienced.

Before And After Section

This is a great example of a Before and After section (StoryBrand calls this the Failure section). It reminds the reader what is at stake if they don’t take action.

Call to Action

This section makes it clear that the reader has one thing to do if they want to move forward: click the button.

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