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Wildsam - StoryBrand website example

What They Do

Wildsam guides lead you to uncommon experiences often hard to find.


Wildsam’s Results Bar informs the reader in three short sentences what to expect when they purchase their field guides: “avoid spots that disappoint,” “coveted intel to chart a course,” “stories that inform and delight.” Check out the highlights below!


Quickly Connect

The Hero section immediately connects with what the Character wants: to travel with the right intel. Then, it tells them how a Wildsam guide can help them do that.

Problem Section

This Problem section gets at the heart of what every traveler wants: to get off their phone and into experiences, making every moment count.

Benefit Value Stack

This Value Stack reinforces the benefits of buying a Wildsam Guide.

Guide Section

The Guide section focuses on building Authority with trusted companies, where they got input, and local approval.

Promise Section

This Promise section highlights three ways your travel will be better when you use a Wildsam Guide.

Call To Action Section

The Call to Action section reiterates key points and reminds the reader why buying a Wildsam Field Guide is in their best interest

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