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Storybrand website example

World Housing

World Housing - StoryBrand website example

What They Do

Nonprofit providing houses to people in need across the world.

StoryBrand Highlight

The Problem section is clear and in your face: “Over a billion people live without adequate shelter.” Wow. Now the reader is ready to see how they can help. Check out the highlights below!


Clear Communication

This section clearly communicates what this nonprofit helps accomplish and how it makes the world better.

Problem Section

This Problem section is excellent. It’s in-your-face with the right problem that hits the reader in the gut and makes them wonder how they can help.

Doubled Up

One of the biggest concerns people have when donating to a charity is, “Will my money actually have an impact?” We love that instead of saying how they will help people, they share the progress they’ve made. That makes this section double as a Solution section and Guide section, building authority and trust.

Inspire Readers

This mission is inspirational. It’s something that the reader can easily get behind and want to help with.

Call To Action

The Call to Action section makes it clear that donations are beneficial, but not the only way you can help. You can take action in three ways!

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