How to Find a Web Designer (Who Knows How to Help You Win)


How do you find a web designer you’re going to love?

In this video, I’m going to tell you the one thing that I would look for above everything else if I was going out to hire a web designer to design my new website. My name is Ryan Toth and I’m the CEO of ClearBrand. In this video you’re going to learn how to find a web designer that will make your website successful.

We’re going to skip over finding a design that you like because that’s pretty obvious. Looking at the portfolio, chatting with them, making sure that they’re actually someone you want to work with. The one thing that I want to focus on in this video is something that I think a lot of people overlook. They go into a web design conversation and they’re looking for websites they think are pretty.

The problem is pretty websites don’t grow your business and if that’s all you’re looking for, then in a year, maybe even six months, maybe even one month, you’re going to regret it. You’re going to say, “I paid all this money for my website and it’s not doing me any good.”

When I look for a web designer, specifically a designer, not talking about an agency, when I look through my web designer I’m looking for somebody who knows that the design is not the purpose.

You see, when somebody comes to your website, they’re going to decide if they can trust you based on your design. But they don’t decide if they should buy from you based on your design. People decide to buy when they read or hear words that make them want to buy. It’s words that sell your product, not design.

The design is there to establish trust. People want to engage with somebody whose brand is beautiful, that helps them say, “Oh, I trust these guys. Yeah, I like how this looks. I trust them.”

But when it comes to a website that works or website that makes you money, your designer needs to know that it’s not all about the design. Their role is to lift up the content. Get out of the way of the content and the copy. “Copy” is a fancy word for “words that sell.” So the designer’s supposed to lift up the copy so that it can sell your product. The design is not supposed to be a distraction. It’s not supposed to be center stage. The words are center stage and your designer needs to remember that.

Now that’s if your designer is standalone, they’re a freelancer, you’re just looking for a designer on their own. If you’re looking for an agency, obviously I would still say the same thing. Designers need to know that the content, the copy is really what’s going to sell your product.

I would also only work with agencies that will write your content. Here’s why.

The content is what sells. All of us think that we’re, we’re good at a lot of things. Unfortunately, this is less true than we want it to be. Most people aren’t good at design. Most people aren’t good at writing. And so if your website is supposed to sell your product, I would pay somebody to write incredible copy that will sell it for you.

So this agency that you hire should have designers that are going to design something that’s beautiful to build trust with your customers. The design is going to lift up the copy and then get out of the way. The copy is center stage.

This agency should also have a copywriter who will write copy that gets you the results you’re after. If you’re looking for some folks who write great copy: StoryBrand Certified Guides, totally trust them. Click Funnels with a lot of experience of growing sales. Digital Marketer is great, too.

You can find people with these certifications that tell you that they’ve done some training on how to grow your business. Also ask about the past. Who have they helped grow in the past? Because that’s going to tell you if they can help you grow.

So that’s it. When you’re hiring a designer, a freelance designer, you’re going for somebody whose design you like and knows that the copy is the purpose. If you’re hiring an agency, you want them to have designers on their team that do that exact same thing. Plus copywriters to actually write words that sell your product. That is how you’re going to have a website that grows your business while you sleep.

If you like this video, go ahead and click subscribe so you’ll get notified, right when I release new videos about marketing and how you grow your business and then comment below if you agree that design, the purpose of design is to lift up and make the copy shine. If not, I want to know why.

That’s it for today. I’ll see in the next video. In the meantime, good luck growing your business.

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