Is It Bad To Reveal Company Secrets In Your Marketing?

Have you ever wondered if telling people about your company’s special tricks is a bad idea? What if other businesses find out and start doing the same thing?

I’m Alexander Toth, the CEO at ClearBrand, and I hear these questions from clients often.

Today, I want to talk about why sharing some secrets can actually be a good thing for your business.

Worried About Copycats?

Many business owners are scared that if they share their secrets, other companies will copy them.

This is a common fear, especially for businesses with new and unique products, or those that offer better prices than anyone else.

But I believe hiding this information can be a big mistake.

Here’s why: your secrets aren’t really secrets.

If other businesses really want to know your secrets, they can find them out easily.

Take the iPhone for example.

It’s a fancy and complex device, but companies like Samsung can buy one, look inside, and learn all about it.

The same goes for your business.

If you have a special way of doing things, chances are, your competitors might already know about it.

Be Clear And Open

A man named Byron Sharpe wrote a book called How Brands Grow where he reveals something interesting: being clear and easy to understand is one of the best ways for a company to stand out.

If you’re hiding information to keep it away from other companies, you’re also making it hard for customers to understand why they should choose to work with yours.

The reality is that people don’t always buy the best product out there.

Often, they just buy things that are easy for them to understand.

So instead of hiding information, focus on making things as clear as possible. If you do this, customers will understand why your product is the best choice, and you’ll sell more.

How To Keep Your Customers Engaged

At ClearBrand, we understand the importance of being open and clear.

To make it easy on you, we’ve put together a blueprint to help you write your own website using the same framework we often use for our clients. You can download it here.

Remember not to stress too much about other businesses copying you. The key to getting more customers is to make your business easy to understand.

When you do that, more people buy from you because they like things that are simple and clear.

To learn more about how ClearBrand can help you create a customer-centric website with finely tuned messaging that appeals directly to your customer’s needs, schedule a call with a marketing specialist today.


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