The #1 Key to A Good Business Strategy

So you want to know How to Grow a Business

Building and growing a business is hard. In fact, there are so many pieces that you have to be keeping your eye on. It can feel like you’re trying to scale Mount Everest and in this video, I’m going to tell you the number one key to building a successful business. 

Let’s jump in. 

Business Made Simple University 

If you haven’t heard Business Made Simple University just released a new course called How to Grow a Business. This is advice from Donald Miller himself telling you how he grew StoryBrand and then Business Made Simple as part of that from zero to $20 million, it is an incredible course. He goes through all six parts of a business and how to run each part well, but there is one piece that is more important than all of the others. And if you get this one piece wrong, it doesn’t matter how good those other parts of your business are. It’s simply never going to be a great company. 

Your team is vital to your business’ success

Over the years, there have been thousands of companies that have tried to make it that have tried to become great. And the beautiful thing about that is, we can research those companies and people have done that. And what the research shows us is that one of the primary things that sets great companies apart from good companies, is the team, that’s right, the team. Not necessarily the products, not necessarily the marketing. 

While those are good and important. The team is the absolute key piece to a company that is great. If you have a great product and a mediocre team, you are committed to that product. And if the markets ever changed and you need a new product or a different product, you’re stuck because your team is not equipped to do what it needs to do in order to create a new product or a better product, or to improve things, to make hard decisions. But if you emphasize and prioritize a great team over a great product and hear me, I’m not saying only one, I really believe in the both end, but in this case, one is more important. When you prioritize a great team, what you’re doing is you’re empowering your company to have great products, whether or not the one that you’re currently working on works. You’re also empowering your company to have great marketing, whether or not your current marketing is working. You are not committed to the things that you’re doing, which is so important in a changing world.

Why pivoting matters in business

Some of the best companies out there started in one part of their industry and pivoted. Sometimes they changed industries in order to continue to be successful. And that is not possible. If the only thing that you are relying on is your product and your marketing. If you don’t have that team, you don’t have the ability to pivot when things get hard or to change things entirely. Think about apple, Apple is not a computer company. Apple has computers, phones, they have a TV platform, they have a music platform, but more importantly, they have the team in place to drive all of those forward. And whenever they go to expand into a new industry or to improve something that they’re already doing, the first thing they do is hire the best people in the industry to make sure that they can be successful.

Firing is a part of good business strategy

With the team in mind alot of people suddenly begin to ask, well, how do I find those people? Hiring is a difficult thing altogether, but hiring is not what sets the great companies apart from the good ones, its the firing. Great companies recognize that they will not always hire perfectly. And they accept that fact. So what they do instead is when they realize that they made a mistake, they realize that somebody is not a good fit, they realize that somebody is not excellent or up to the level, their standards that they have, they get rid of them, they fire them. 

Now as a business owner or a business leader, I’m sure that is not what you want. And here in this video, I understand I have done my fair share of firing and hiring and it is hard, but it is necessary. If you have somebody on your team who does not fit or is not getting results, it is like a cancer. It is like a disease in your company. In fact, what starts to happen is, they’re dragging the team’s performance and quality down and they’re causing other great team members to leave because what do great people like to do? They like to win. And if somebody is preventing you and your company from winning the best players, see it and they won’t have that. So they leave, they go find another better company who is defending their team, making sure that they are executing with excellence because they have the right people and they align with that one. So as you are building, growing or scaling your company, do not underestimate the power of your team, acknowledge that you’re not always going to get the hiring, right? But when you realize it, you can fix your mistakes because you can get the firing, right? And in doing so, you’re creating the team that your company needs to succeed. 

One of my favorite phrases, one of my favorite values that we at ClearBrand have

“Measure results, not intentions.”

Everybody you hire has good intentions. It’s rare that somebody doesn’t have good intentions, but not everybody is getting good results. And that’s when you need to start paying attention and considering is this the right person for team? 

Need Business Strategy to help your company grow? Time to Hire ClearBrand

So emphasize your team, Hire the best people you can, fire the ones that don’t fit and measure results not intentions. If you’re looking to upgrade your marketing and you want to get results, I have two ways for you to do that. One, my team can build your website for you. Schedule a call with one of our marketing consultants, to see how we can help you grow. Number two, we have a ClearBrand website template that is built to get you results. The whole website’s already built. It’s got five pages its mobile optimized. It is fast. It is easy to edit. You can build your entire website in less than four hours. Start building your money making website today. Go get em, grow your business.


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