Tension Between Developing People & Products: How to Start a Business pt.2

ClearBrand Marketing Podcast

The modern leader measures success in more ways than just income.

Yes, income is good and necessary to running a successful company. But don’t fall for the typical (but wrong) beliefs that you need to work 90 hours per week, give up your family, and sell your soul to your company.

In this episode, Ryan Toth of ClearBrand and Miriam Gunn of LeaveBetter talk about how to start a business.

The first step is to establish your company with good leadership. That means you. You must be the leader your company needs.

Most leaders fall into one of two categories — either ambitious without humility or humble without ambition. Neither one leads to the success you want.

If you value success but don’t want your company to take over your life, you will love this conversation


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